Telemetry mod for DJI Phantom 1

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After my Y6-Copter with APM, I also want to see telemetry data of the Phantom 1, which isn’t capable on its own to transmit any data. The original PPM receiver (Single antenna) got swapped by a FrSky XRS, which is amazingly small and has PPM, S.Bus and S.Port. The translation between Naza-GPS and S.Port is… Read more »

Music-Player gets CAN-BUS!

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Lets’s get deeper in the car’s electronics My XBMC-Mediacenter works pretty well. But the only way to skip a song is the I/R remote placed in my armrest and to see what song is playing, I need to switch the whole display to mediacenter mode. Because I always wanted to take a closer look at… Read more »

External Antenna for Logitech G930 headset

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My Logitech G930 is a very cool headset but sometimes has little connection problems. The solution offered by logitech is to change the frequency but in my case the problems seams independent to the frequency. I have some 2,4 Ghz antenna stuff from older WiFi projects lying around and decided to take a clother look… Read more »

Retrofit radio controlled clock

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Last sunday, germany switches to the daylight saving time again, so i needed to adjust some clocks. We had a weathers station with wireless temperature and humidity sensors that has a clock which needs to be adjusted manuall while most of that weather stations have radio controlled clocks integrated. Even my very cheap weather receiver… Read more »