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External Antenna for Logitech G930 headset

My Logitech G930 is a very cool headset but sometimes has little connection problems.

The solution offered by logitech is to change the frequency but in my case the problems seams independent to the frequency.
I have some 2,4 Ghz antenna stuff from older WiFi projects lying around and decided to take a clother look to the transmitter.
What I found are two PCB-antennas and two coax test points, so i took a RP-SMA pigtail, connected it to one of the test points, cut the connection to the PCB-antenna and attached it on the casing:

  • IMG_20140331_135829
  • IMG_20140331_140523
  • IMG_20140331_135836
  • IMG_20140331_141100
  • IMG_20140331_143016

I can’t yet say if the connection problems are solved with this, but the range is significantly better with the antenna!

There was two antennas inside the transmitter and I have no idea if they are diversity or one sends and the other receives or what they are for.
But when I have another matching pigtail in hands, I will connect the other one too…

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I followed your steps exactly. I dont notice any difference in range at all! I noticed your vias to the TP on the main side are gold, mine are green. Am I missing a step? Thanks

Hi Brett,

seams like you have an other pcb version, but this should also work.

Here are some points you could doublecheck with a multimeter:
Do your have a good connection to signal and ground of the antenna?
Didn’t you short them or anything else? I think those small points are quite hard to solder without shorting anything.
Is the connection to the pcb antenna really interrupted? I edited one of the picture to mark the interruption point.

Also you could follow the via to be sure you cut the right antenna.
You are using an antenna which is usable for 2.4 Ghz, aren’t you? 😉

I noticed that the quality of the microphone gets bad, way before I could hear a difference on the speakers. So maybe there is really one sending and one receiving antenna. My disconnection-problem was solved with one antenna, so I haven’t tried both antennas. But that’s still on my list…

Hey, I have a g933 and tried to follow your tutorial, I ended up cutting the PCB antennas OFF completely and there’s still some signal without any external antennas, when I plug my antennas in, there are no changes at all. as soon as I walk 2m from my PC the sound cuts out. I don’t understand how a signal is being received when I cut off the PCB antennas. And how do I make sure the external antennas signal gets through?
This is my usb atm
The sound works atm, its just really short range.

Thanks 🙂

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