Project MPi3 – New housing and published all source code

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Previous: Display additional data   Hey there, I finally managed to upload source files for my Project! Program at GitHub Housing at thingiverse The program currently listens for the previously mentioned diagnostic data. The Requests are send outside the program. I will change that when i figure out how to get the data without activly asking for them…. Read more »

Project MPi3 – Display additional Data

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Previous: Fully working prototyle   With a controller connected to my Vehicles CAN-bus, I don’t want to limit the use of it to song-title and music controls. So I started to look for some more interesting values to get from the bus. Sadly the “MS-CAN” (entertainment bus), which I am connected to cause of the info… Read more »

Project MPi3 – Fully working prototype

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Previous: Music-Player gets CAN-BUS!   Since a very long break caused by many other projects going on, here is now another update. The System is now functional and works pretty well. Most important change: The projects now has a Name: “MiP3” (Raspberry Pi based MP3 Player… got it? Yeah, I know…) Before the technical details, here… Read more »

Music-Player gets CAN-BUS!

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Lets’s get deeper in the car’s electronics My XBMC-Mediacenter works pretty well. But the only way to skip a song is the I/R remote placed in my armrest and to see what song is playing, I need to switch the whole display to mediacenter mode. Because I always wanted to take a closer look at… Read more »

In-vehicle mediacenter upgrade

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Why the existing player was not enough Three years ago, I added a DVB-T receiver (DVB1184 bycarmedien) to my car. This one also provides a media player which I thought was a really cool feature. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the TV-Component of that device, but what they call “media player” is really crap! The… Read more »