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Project MPi3 – Fully working prototype

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Since a very long break caused by many other projects going on, here is now another update.

The System is now functional and works pretty well.
Most important change: The projects now has a Name: “MiP3” (Raspberry Pi based MP3 Player… got it? Yeah, I know…)
Before the technical details, here directly the usage:

There are four play modes:
– My music
– My girlfriends music
– Carpool (society-compatible) music
– Audio from TV-Receiver (DVB-T – The non-american version of ATSC)

  • IMG_20150902_203204

The playlist is switched by pressing the (in AUX-Mode unused) steeringwheel-down button. Holding the button will activate the TV-audio-mode.
By pushing the up button, the song will be skipped and the skip will be marked in the database. Holding up will delete the current song from the actual playlist.
New music will be added to all playlists and stays there until it is removed. So in the beginning, all music was played in all modes. But after two months now, the playmodes fit verry well. I currently have about 20GB of music installed.
There is no chance to play one particular song, this is by design because I wanted to have it more “radio-like” where I can just take slight influence on the music.

When the TV-audio is activated, the sound from the audio-in of the USB-Soundcard will be played with “alsaloop”.


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