Notebook repaired in Oven

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I have a broken notebook (ASUS X5DAB) lying around and wanted to use some spare parts of it (Display, RAM, …). The notebook turns the fans on but shows no image, neither on display nor on VGA. That seams to be a common problem with this notebook due to bad solder connections on the graphics… Read more »

In-vehicle mediacenter upgrade

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Why the existing player was not enough Three years ago, I added a DVB-T receiverĀ (DVB1184 bycarmedien) to my car. This one also provides a media player which I thought was a really cool feature. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the TV-Component of that device, but what they callĀ “media player” is really crap! The… Read more »

Why this blog?

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Hey guys, I started a few electronic projects in the past and thought it would be a nice idea to share my experiences, problems and also successes. So I started this blog also as documentation platform for myself. I thought a long time of what language i should use for this blog (I’m from germany)… Read more »